Annual Membership

The majority of our members are Annual Members.  This is where an individual or individuals pay an annual fee once a year to use the facilities of the Club.

Annual membership is exceptionally good value because we are a non-profit organisation, run and managed by volunteers, all of whom are members themselves.  After the annual fee (detailed below) the only cost is money for fuel.  This is payable to the owner of the boat and will depend on the boat in question – obviously the bigger the boat the more fuel is consumed – but it’s normally between £5 and £10 spend about half an hour on the water wakeboarding, water-skiing, bare-footing, wake skating or whatever it is you’re doing.

Single Membership – £120

This is the most popular membership at our club.  Individuals can join for 12 months for £110


Junior Membership – £60

Junior Membership is only available to those aged 16 to 18 – so if you’re in the age range count yourself lucky!