Our Slipway Is Clear! Thanks To Everyone Involved

I mentioned earlier in the week that our slipway was quite silted up.  I am pleased to report this is now a thing of the past.

Particular thanks to Terry (pictured on the digger) and Ben Smith.  Honorable mentions to Mark Penton (tea-making and picture-taking!) and Bry Wigley for support.  It’s also worth noting that Dave Lewis was planning to do this anyway on Friday but the other guys beat him to it (Dave was kind enough to do the same last year).  I am beginning to wonder if this is an annual ritual at the start of the season!?

Anyway, our slipway is good for launching boats again.  Happy days.  The RNLI will be able to use it again if they wish, so it should be a positive thing beyond our club, which is great.

Big thank you to everyone involved!  Here’s a few snaps of the work taking place:








Take Care Using The Slipway At The Moment!

Just a quick note to say please be careful at the moment if you are using the slipway.  I got an email from a couple of people who went out today who mentioned that it’s quite silted up, so be prepared for this because it may cause some problems.

We will look to get this sorted as quickly as we can.  If you require any further information please email info@dwwc.org.uk or contact us via our Twitter or Facebook pages.



Don’t miss the 2014 AGM and Joining Day This Sunday! 6th April 2PM

547342_480271178654137_1895209403_nThe 2014 Deeside Wakeboard and Waterski Club Annual General Meeting and Joining Day will be held this Sunday, 6th April, at 2PM in our clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is located at the following address:

10a Dock Road
Connahs Quay
North Wales

Everyone is welcome, members and non-members, so the more the merrier as far as we are concerned!  The AGM is the ideal event to find out more about what we do at DWWC and our plans for the forthcoming season.  You can check out our facilities and meet lots of existing members, including those on our committee.

It’s also an ideal time for new members to join and for existing members to renew their memberships for the 2014 season.  Here’s to another good one!

We look forward to seeing you there


Mobile Website Launched

We have just enabled a feature on the DWWC website so it displays nicely on mobile phones

Since the start of this year our website had 3,268 visits.  726 of those have come from mobile phones, which represents about 22% of our total visitor numbers.  Last year the figure was 17%, which reflects the rising number of people using mobile phones to access the internet.


You can still view the full website on a mobile phone by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking on ‘View Full Site’.  Alternatively, most mobile phone internet browsers will allow you to edit your settings to automatically display full sites, which is handy if you are accessing the internet on a larger than average phone or a small tablet.

For any geeks out there, the reason we haven’t used a mobile friendly site before is because this website uses WordPress Twenty Eleven with a custom child theme.  The custom theme didn’t have any functionality for mobile.  A new one was easily created using the amazing Jetpack plugin.


A Big THANK YOU To Those Who Helped Today!

Many thanks to Ann, Debbie, Iwan, Dave, Mark and Richard for helping out with our Maintenance Day today.

Our club house has been thoroughly cleaned, the grass outside the club house has been cut and the garage has been cleared out.  The tractor has also been jet-washed and is now ready for storage over the winter.

maintenance day before

Hard at work

As well as giving things a good clean we had a bit of a de-clutter.  We unearthed some ‘interesting’ artifacts.  This included a ruck of trophies from the 1980′s (the vast majority of which were broken) and an unused Yard of Ale.  Anyone have any idea where this could have come from?

yard of ale

Mark finding a Yard Of Ale

We also found some frozen burgers which were past their use by date.  I was asked not to mention how far past the use by date the burgers actually were, so I will leave this to your imagination!


Mmm, tasty

And here’s the obligatory ‘After’ shot at the end of the day:

maintenance day after

All done! Looking much better!


Maintenance Day, Sunday 17th November (Volunteers Welcome!)

The committee is organising a Maintenance Day on Sunday 17th November from 11:00 onwards.  If you can spare just a couple of hours of your time it would really help us out.

The end of the season means many of us will have packed away our boards and skis but there are still a few things to do at the club, including:


  • Brushing out the tractor shed
  • Cleaning any sand off the tractor and getting it ready for storage over the winter
  • Cleaning the club house
  • Possibly some painting and decorating


If you are kind enough to get involved please email the club info@dwwc.org.uk or get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter.

Other News

In other news we are about to welcome a couple of new committee members which is great (thank for getting involved!).  Ian is also organising another Christmas Party and Mark is in the process of sourcing some new front wheels for our beloved tractor.

If you can’t make the Maintenance Day we hope to see you at the Christmas Party!


Parking Update with Flintshire County Council

We are pleased to report that Flintshire County Council have agreed to move the Disabled Parking Bays down at the Clubhouse to a more suitable location for everyone.  Until now it has been an issue because the Disabled Bays were the only place available for club members to clean and fuel their boats.

It’s worth noting that DWWC has been using the site for over 40 years before the Disabled Bays existed and we contacted Flintshire County Council on many previous occasions to get the Disabled Bays moved.

We don’t want to cause any problems and we are very pleased that they have agreed to move these bays.  Flintshire County Council are going to re-site the disabled bays away from the current area.  We would therefore ask all members to kindly:

  1. Use plastic wedges to secure wheels on your boat when it is parked (these are available in the Clubhouse)
  2. If wood or bricks are used they can never be left on the road or within reach of anyone not connected to the club
  3. Always hose the sand or silt away down to the grid so sand does not blow around the car park

We want to cooperate fully with all local members of our community and Flintshire County Council and our Club Secretary has made an undertaking to the council that we will comply with their request to keep the area tidy.  Be mindful that we are being watched!

Parking Update

The Disabled Parking Bays are going to be re-sited by Flintshire County Council


A Day At Salford Wake Park

Salford Wake Park is part of Salford Watersports Centre, which is based at Salford Quays

I went to Salford Wake Park yesterday and thought I’d turn the experience into a blog post

As I often mention, Deeside Wakeboard and Waterski Club operates on an estuary.  We don’t use cables – we only use boats – so although I’ve been wakeboarding for a few years, my visit to Salford Wake Park yesterday was a number of ‘firsts’ for me:

  1. It was the first time I’d been to Salford Wake Park
  2. It was the first time I’d hit park features on a wakeboard
  3. It was the first time I’d ridden a System 2.0 cable
  4. It was the first time I’d ridden my board without fins

Salford Wake Park is part of Salford Watersports Centre, which is based at Salford Quays.  As well as wakeboarding, they offer a range of other water-sport activities including  Dinghy Sailing, Kayaking and Canoeing, Open Water Swimming, Powerboating, Scuba and Snorkelling, Windsurfing and Disability watersports.  Wakeboarding sessions are an hour long and are shared by groups of 4 people, each taking turns to have 7 minutes on the cable at a time.

I went with 3 other friends, so we had the park to ourselves, which was brilliant.  It cost £20 for 1 hour or £30 for 2 hours, so we opted for 2 hours, although in hindsight 2 hours was a little optimistic; I only managed three 7 minute sessions before my arms gave up!  30 minutes on a cable is definitely not for the faint hearted.

My friends, Jon and Jude, look like they enjoyed themselves!

My friends, Jon and Jude, look like they enjoyed themselves!

At first the main focus was getting used to the System 2.0 cable.  I’ve only ever ridden one cable before (at Sheffield Cable Water Ski).  The main difference between a ‘traditional’ cable and a System 2.0 cable is while traditional cables are circular, a System 2.0 is one single cable which tows you out in one direction, then pulls you back in the opposite direction.  I won’t lie, I struggled the first few times getting used to turning round – you have to carve out quite hard on your heels about 20 metres before the turning point to ensure you have enough momentum to stay above the water while the cable changes direction.  By the end of the first session something had ‘clicked’ with turning.

The second 7-minute session was much more successful.  I really got the hang of turning on the cable and threw in a few ollies and some switch riding.  When you turn, you naturally create a small wake in the water which you can hit when you go back, although this isn’t anything like the wake created by a boat, obviously.

The third session was amazing.  The instructor/guy in charge of the cable was happy with the standard of our riding so he sent us over some of the features.  However, before we could do this, I had to take the metal fins off my board.  I’ve never ridden my board without fins before but it actually felt really good – more forgiving than it normally is – I might give this a go the next time I go out on a boat.  We were also given the option of using a wakeskate if we wanted too but I passed because I used one a few times last year and was happy to stick to my board.

Before we could use the features I had to take the metal fins off my board

Before we could use the features I had to take the metal fins off my board

I started off playing on a long, wide box in the water, first doing 50/50′s along it then a couple of boardslides.  After this we started hitting the kickers, which were great fun.  I didn’t try anything fancy off them, just trying to get some decent air and smooth landings, some of my biddies were spinning and doing grabs.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this – hitting the features at Salford Wake Park was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done one a wakeboard.  The features were easy to hit and it didn’t feel daunting.  There was a good selection of features, including beginner features, but also sizeable ones for more advanced riders, including a pretty hefty A-Frame, although we didn’t hit this (a good excuse to go back!).

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable session at Salford Wake Park and I can’t wait to go back there.  It’s not the same as riding behind a boat, but it’s a case of swings and roundabouts.  Other than the park features, another benefit I found about cable riding was when you’re not in the water.  When you’re in a boat you are… well… stuck in a boat, whereas on the cable you can wander around and go for a swim, which helped pass the time between sessions.  I am completely sold and am already making plans to go back soon.  It won’t replace wakeboarding behind a boat but it will compliment it nicely.