Important Information from the Dee Conservancy

DWWC was recently contacted by Capt. Simon Capes, Harbour Master for the Dee Conservancy, who asked if we could bring the following information to as wide an audience as possible.

The Dee Conservancy is the statutory harbour authority for the Dee estuary and river up to Chester.

Dee Conservancy

In the past there has been a hard copy publication called Marine Safety in the Dee Conservancy (there may still be copies of this lying around!).

This was updated and revised recently and is now available as a downloadable document on the Natural Resources Wales (as harbour authority), website pages relating to the conservancy:  (English) (Welsh)

Local notices to mariners are also available on these websites.

There are also notices and a schedules for the Airbus barge on the Dock Road notice board close to our clubhouse.

At the end of last year the harbour authority was granted a harbour revision order.  This will come into force within the next few months.  The purpose of the order is to update the powers of the Conservancy which are currently based on statute dating back to 1889, and introduces some byelaws and gives powers of general direction.

Of interest to our club is the byelaw requirement to have a designated area for skiing / aquaplaning etc, and for those taking part in such activities to have written permission of the conservancy authority to do so.  We discussed this item at our AGM yesterday and we are liaising with the Conservancy to provide information about the areas we use regularly so we can continue to use them.

Capt. Capes emphasised that he was keen to establish positive working relationships with all stakeholders within the harbour authority area.  DWWC feels exactly the same way and we are happy to help wherever we can.


2015 AGM Sunday – 29th March 4pm – All Members Welcome!

AGMThe 2015 Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 29th March at 4pm at our Clubhouse.  All members are welcome and we encourage everyone to be there – the more the merrier!  The AGM is a great chance to help shape what’s in store for the season ahead.

Also, Debbie has very kindly agreed to bring a free curry for anyone who attends!

A wide range of topics will be discussed, including:

  • Membership fees for the 2015 season (one item on the agenda is the re-introduction of a lower membership rate for Students)
  • DWWC organised visits to cable parks e.g. Liverpool
  • An open day at DWWC to show members from cable parks our facilities/boats
  • A couple of maintenance days prior to the season starting, doing all manner of odds and sods around the place like painting, de-cluttering and tractor maintenance

The AGM is an ideal time for new members to join and for existing members to renew their memberships for the 2015 season.  If you know of anyone who might be interested feel free to bring them along!

Here’s to a great 2015 season…

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DWWC Hosts Kathleen and May Sculpture Celebration

Last night (11th February) Deeside Wakeboard and Waterski Club hosted a morning to celebrate a new sculpture of the Kathleen & May being erected just outside our club on Dock Road, Connah’s Quay.

Kethleen and May

The Stanless Steel Kethleen and May Sculpture on Dock Road, Connah’s Quay

The historic ship was originally built in Connah’s Quay in the year 1900 and is now part of the National Historic Fleet.

The sculpture was commissioned by Flintshire County Council and made by GJ Maintenance Engineering.  An article on the website includes the following statement from owner, Gary Jackson:

“We are immensely proud of being able to make this piece for the coastal community, Flintshire and Wales. This is a quality apprentice piece constructed in spare time between jobs. Full credit goes to Gareth Phillips, one of our five apprentices, for his work. We hope it will be appreciated for years to come in this great historical setting.”

The morning went well and was attended by a number local groups present including Flintshire County Council, Flintshire Coastal Rangers, Fishermen, Local Businesses and other local people interested.

Kethleen and May

The morning was well attended by numerous groups including a local choir

Everyone gathered near the new sculpture and then speeches were made after a presentation by the head of the council.  Lots of photographs were taken both at the sculpture and then inside our clubhouse.  A local youth choir was also present and sang a number of old local sea shanties.

The club was thanked for hosting the event.  It was regarded as a good day and a great opportunity to promote the club.

The committee would like to extend a big thank you to Dave Lewis who represented the club at this event and all the effort he put into this to make it such a success.


DWWC Launches RNLI Flint RIB, Saves Woman Jumping From Flintshire Bridge

It’s a well known fact that the RNLI Flint have access to our slipway.  But it’s not very often we get to launch one of their boats…

Last Sunday, after a brilliant day on the water (how good were the conditions?), a fleet of emergency vehicles suddenly descended on the car park outside our club.  There were at least 5 police cars and an ambulance, as well as vehicles from the RNLI, HM Coastguard… even a police helicopter buzzing around overhead.

A woman in her 30’s was threatening to jump from Flintshire Bridge into the water below.

By coincidence, we had just pulled our boats out with the tractor, so they asked if we could launch the RNLI Flint RIB.  Naturally, we were only too happy to oblige!

RNLI Flint 1

Iwan (while initially reluctant to take his dry suit off) donned his superhero cape and jumped in the tractor, the rib then arrived and was attached to our vehicle.

RNLI Flint 2

Conditions-wise the slipway wasn’t too bad – much of the mud had been cleared after we had been launching our own boats that day – so it was a relatively smooth descent into the water.

RNLI Flint 3

I am pleased to report that, according to this article on the website, the woman in question is now in stable condition.  The article also mentions the following statements:

A Police spokesperson said:

“North Wales Police received a phone call from a member of the public concerned about the safety of a woman seen walking in the vicinity of the old power station in Connahs Quay.   Officers were dispatched and a short time later she was located on the new bridge over the Dee in Connahs Quay.   Unfortunately officers were unable to secure the woman before she fell from the bridge into the river. She was very quickly recovered by the inshore lifeboat.”

“The woman, who is local to the area and aged in her 30’s was conveyed to the Countess of Chester  hospital  and later to Aintree hospital in Liverpool where her condition is described as stable.”

A Welsh Ambulance service spokesperson said;
“We were called by police at 5.30pm.
Responded with one crew in an emergency ambulance, and a woman in her 30s with serious injuries was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital.”

An onlooker since uploaded the following video showing us launching the boat:

We hope the woman makes a full and speedy recovery and we were pleased to be helpful to the RNLI and other emergency services who dealt with the incident.


A Polite Reminder If You See The Airbus Barge

This is just a polite reminder to all members – if you are lucky enough to see the Airbus Barge on the River Dee – please take care not to disturb it.  Approach it cautiously, give it a wide berth and only pass when it’s absolutely safe to do so, slowly.  If you aren’t sure just sit tight in your boat and wait for it to finish whatever it is doing.

Most seasoned members will already know this, so the message is probably more relevant to newer members, as they might not be aware.  The Airbus barge is the biggest vessel you are likely to see on the Dee Estuary and it looks like this (click on the images for larger ones):

airbus-barge-river-dee1 airbus-barge-river-dee2

Notice it says ‘Airbus A380 on board’.  This is because the barge has been specifically designed to transport the wings for the largest Airbus aircraft, the A380, down the estuary, as they are too big to fit inside the ‘Beluga‘ plane which Airbus traditionally used to transport it’s wings around the world.

The Airbus barge takes the wings to the port of Mostyn where they are put on a ship and sailed to France (you may remember this larger ship hitting the news last year when it got beached).

There is also a smaller Airbus Dredger which sails along the estuary, spending much of it’s time moving silt to allow the barge to carry out its’ duties.  Again, even though this is a much smaller vessel than the barge, please give way if you see it.  Thank you.


Club Newsletter

I’m pleased to report that we now have a Newsletter for the club which people can subscribe to.  To get all the latest club news, head over to this page and fill in your name and email address.  You will be notified by email every time we have something to report.

We created a new template for the club newsletters so they look smart

We created a new template for the club newsletters so they look smart

This will help people keep in touch with the latest events at the club and generally improve communication.  It’s also another ‘string to our bow’.

There is another sign up form in the side bar on our News page.

If you would like to know more about this or have any feedback please contact or contact us via our Twitter or Facebook pages.


New Picnic Table and Planters

Just a quick update to say we have a new picnic table outside the club, plus some planters with flowers in them.

Thanks to Debbie, Anne, Dave, Ian, Iwan and Ellen for the parts they played in helping with these.

There are few more developments in the pipeline which will improve the appearance of our clubhouse, including more furniture and a lick of paint.

If you know of anyone with spare flowers or planters we would gladly take these off your hands, or if anyone wishes to help out in other areas please contact us by emailing or get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages.  These small changes make a real difference to our club.

10247249_10152382274554522_6871521386466757391_n 10252126_10152382275364522_5416748173983874477_n 10305334_10152382275254522_44087460383626082_n 10155599_10152382273584522_1624410975719173401_n


Committee Meeting Sunday 27th April

Just a quick reminder to anyone on the committee – we have a Committee Meeting at 2pm on Sunday 27th April.

We have made some really good progress of late.  It would be great if we could keep up the momentum.  There are a number of odd jobs which we need to address.  Ones which spring to mind include fixing the sink in the gent’s changing room, getting rid of the old freezer and giving the club house a lick of paint.  We are also working on re-introducing a club Newsletter.

If the people attending could put their thinking caps on beforehand and come with a few ideas to improve things at the club it would be appreciated.  If you would like to put anything forward by email (this is open to everyone, not just committee members) please contact

Hopefully we will see a good turnout!


Our Slipway Is Clear! Thanks To Everyone Involved

I mentioned earlier in the week that our slipway was quite silted up.  I am pleased to report this is now a thing of the past.

Particular thanks to Terry (pictured on the digger) and Ben Smith.  Honorable mentions to Mark Penton (tea-making and picture-taking!) and Bry Wigley for support.  It’s also worth noting that Dave Lewis was planning to do this anyway on Friday but the other guys beat him to it (Dave was kind enough to do the same last year).  I am beginning to wonder if this is an annual ritual at the start of the season!?

Anyway, our slipway is good for launching boats again.  Happy days.  The RNLI will be able to use it again if they wish, so it should be a positive thing beyond our club, which is great.

Big thank you to everyone involved!  Here’s a few snaps of the work taking place:








Take Care Using The Slipway At The Moment!

Just a quick note to say please be careful at the moment if you are using the slipway.  I got an email from a couple of people who went out today who mentioned that it’s quite silted up, so be prepared for this because it may cause some problems.

We will look to get this sorted as quickly as we can.  If you require any further information please email or contact us via our Twitter or Facebook pages.